SDG - North

You can now pre-order "North" via Obscure Abhorrence Productions.
The new album will be released on February 29th.

Three CD editions will be available:

Normal edition - 10 Euro
LTD A5 digipak - 14 Euro
LTD A5 digipak including an exclusive SDG Shirt - 25 Euro


Ende - The Rebirth of I CD

„The rebirth of I“ is a triumph of old-school
Black Metal rulage,an anthentic return to the
occult. It’s not just a rebirth of oneself but
the rebirth of the glorious times
of that kind of possessed hymns.

Warwulf - In The Glare Of A Dying Horizon CD

"Raw, Hateful, and Nefarious black metal from the U.S.
The second release by Warwulf combines a mixture for
aggression and mesmeric rhythms followed by ghoulish
howls creating over 40 minutes of black metal art.
At the peak of despair, Glare into the Dying Horizon…"

Pure - Art Of Loosing One's Own Life CD

Hailing from Switzerland comes PURE.
Obscure Abhorrence Productions will drop the 3rd album defined as
“free from anything inferior or of contaminating kind”. Bornyhake
knows this definition all too well, bringing the embers of this new
project to life with blackest intentions. Known for his projects like
Kawir, Borgne and Enoid, the knowledge of black metal brought
forth with the essence of grim malignancy and freezing emotions
are exemplified in PURE, his newest project.
This 3rd album is even more raw and deep than the previous ones.
This is how black metal is meant to be… PURE.